Welcome to Intosol Travel Design:
The Architects of Unforgettable Luxury Travel

We believe that true luxury lies in personalization. Your desires are unique, and your travel experiences should be too. From the remote wilderness of the African savannah to the opulent elegance of Europe’s ancient cities, our Luxury Travel Experts craft each journey to reflect your individual preferences, passions, and dreams. While our roots are firmly planted in Germany, our reach extends worldwide, thanks to our new office in captivating Cape Town.

Welcome to Intosol Travel Design, the architects of unforgettable luxury travel experiences. We have been crafting exquisite memories that transcend borders and cultures since 2003. While our roots are firmly planted in Germany, our reach extends worldwide, thanks to our new office in captivating Cape Town.

Why Choose Intosol?
We craft bespoke travel experiences, blending exclusive safaris, romantic getaways, and family holidays with unparalleled quality and service. Our experts use global insights and local secrets to ensure every journey is unforgettable, meticulously planning every detail, from personalized hotel touches to exclusive dining reservations.
Memories That Last a Lifetime
We're not just creating trips; we're creating memories that stand the test of time. In an ever-accelerating world, Intosol offers a gateway to moments of joy and discovery, serenity, and adventure. Our journeys invite you to slow down, to savor each moment, and to rediscover what truly matters.
Discover Uncharted Territories
With Intosol at the helm, venture into the heart of uncharted territories. Our curated expeditions take you beyond the map’s edge into experiences unknown to the ordinary traveller. From the secluded beaches of the Seychelles to the remote wilderness of the Namib Desert, we guide you through the world’s hidden wonders, ensuring your journey is as exclusive as it is exhilarating.
Tailored Luxury, Just for You
Intosol is synonymous with tailored luxury. Every aspect of your journey is fashioned to your preferences, from handpicked accommodations to bespoke itineraries that reflect your desires. Whether it’s waking up to a breathtaking safari sunrise or dining under the stars on a secluded beach, your travel dreams are woven into reality with impeccable precision and a touch of Intosol magic.
The Essence of Exclusive Travel
Embark on a journey where exclusivity meets personal enrichment. Intosol specializes in creating travel experiences that are not just luxurious but truly one-of-a-kind. Delve into the essence of exclusive travel with private viewings, VIP access, and encounters that are typically beyond reach. With Intosol, luxury isn’t just about where you go; it’s about how you experience the world.
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Get To Know Our Luxury Travel Experts

Our exceptional team at Intosol Travel Design is a group of passionate and seasoned professionals, each with a unique blend of expertise in the world of luxury travel. From our knowledgeable travel advisors who meticulously plan every detail of your journey to our concierge team that ensures your every desire is met. At Intosol we are committed to delivering the pinnacle of luxury travel. Our Luxury Travel Experts have explored the farthest corners of the globe, allowing them to craft journeys that blend opulence with authentic cultural encounters. We take pride in our dedication to excellence, ensuring that every moment of your luxury travel experience is marked by sophistication, comfort, and unparalleled service.

Explore the Extraordinary with Intosol Travel Design

Your next journey begins with a conversation. Share your dreams with us, and let us craft your next unforgettable adventure. With us, your journey is waiting — tailor-made, just for you.