Namibia – Wild Desert and Botswana’s untamed Beauty


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Namibia – Wild Desert and Botswana’s untamed Beauty

Delve into the captivating landscapes of Namibia and Botswana. Journey from the mesmerizing dunes of the Namib Desert to the wildlife-rich Chobe region. Explore Etosha’s diverse creatures, and navigate the intricate ecosystem of the Okavango Delta. This documentary captures the untouched beauty and wild essence of two extraordinary African countries.

Upon your arrival at Maun Airport, the gateway to Botswana’s wilderness, your adventure to the Khwai Private Reserve begins. If you choose a road transfer, a 4 to 6-hour journey through the picturesque landscapes of Botswana awaits, offering glimpses of wildlife along the way. Alternatively, a charter flight from Maun Airport can have you touching down in the reserve in under an hour, providing an aerial preview of the stunning Okavango Delta landscapes. Whichever route you take, the moment you arrive at Khwai Private Reserve, you’ll be greeted by the promise of remarkable wildlife encounters and the allure of the African wilderness.


Set amidst the pristine wilderness of Botswana, the Khwai Private Reserve beckons you into a realm of unspoiled beauty and exceptional wildlife encounters. Bordering the renowned Moremi Game Reserve, this exclusive sanctuary offers a haven for both wildlife and travellers alike. Khwai’s diverse landscapes range from lush riverbanks to expansive savannas, creating the perfect habitat for a rich array of animal species. Embark on thrilling safaris that unveil the hidden wonders of Africa, from majestic elephants to elusive predators. Whether you’re gliding through the waterways on a mokoro excursion or venturing into the heart of the savanna, Khwai Private Reserve promises an unforgettable safari experience where nature’s symphony plays out against an awe-inspiring backdrop.


Experience an extraordinary 3-night journey at Khwai Lediba, a gateway to the untamed wonders of Moremi National Park in the Okavango Delta. Roaming freely in this pristine wilderness, lions, leopards, elephants, and giraffes paint a mesmerizing portrait of African wildlife. From the comfort of your luxurious room, immerse yourself in the harmony of nature and adventure.

Engage in an array of captivating safari activities: morning, afternoon, and night game drives unveil the dynamic narratives of the animal kingdom, while hiking and mokoro safaris (depending on water levels) offer a tactile connection to the wild. The African Bush Camps Foundation enriches your experience as you interact with the Khwai village community, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of purposeful travel.

Throughout your stay, the allure of all-inclusive services beckons – savor culinary delights, refreshing drinks, and attentive laundry care. “Everything can, nothing must” becomes your guiding principle, allowing you to shape your journey according to your desires. Awaken to the vibrant African sunrise, setting the tone for extraordinary days. Anticipate the thrill of your initial game drive, immerse yourself in the awakening savanna, and share in the stories woven by the wild. A mokoro safari invites you to glide through waterways, unveiling the intricacies of water-adapted wildlife.

As your time at Khwai Lediba draws to a close, embrace the camaraderie around the campfire and the enchantment of sunset game drives, etching these moments as cherished memories. Depart with not just a connection to the wilderness, but an appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between conservation and community. This 3-night sojourn encapsulates the transformative essence of exploration, leaving an indelible mark of the African landscape on your soul.

Leaving behind Khwai Lediba Private Reserve, your journey continues to Linyanti Bush Camp in Chobe National Park, a 5-hour and 30-minute drive that unfolds through varied landscapes. Here in the Chobe region, a world of diverse experiences awaits, from luxurious comfort along the Chobe River to the untouched swamplands of Linyanti and the rugged wilderness of Savuti.


Chobe National Park, located in northern Botswana, is renowned for its extraordinary wildlife and stunning landscapes. Covering nearly 11,700 square kilometres, it boasts a diverse ecosystem that includes lush floodplains, dense woodlands, and the iconic Chobe River, which attracts a remarkable concentration of wildlife year-round. The park is particularly famous for its large elephant population, one of the largest in Africa, as well as abundant herds of buffalo, antelope, and predators like lions and leopards. Visitors can embark on thrilling safaris, boat cruises, and birdwatching expeditions to witness the park’s incredible biodiversity and captivating natural beauty.


Arrive at Linyanti Bush Camp, an authentic tented haven nestled in a private reserve on the edge of Chobe National Park and the Namibian border. As you settle into your spacious and tastefully furnished tented suite, feel the excitement of being immersed in this untouched wilderness. Each suite boasts an en-suite bathroom, a private lounge, and a terrace offering sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. Relax and unwind as the camp’s open canvas tent, perched on a raised platform, welcomes you to its dining area, reading corner, bar, and cosy lounge. Keep an eye out for passing elephants and buffalo—a possible surprise as you soak in the ambience of this remarkable setting.

Wake up to the call of the wild and embark on a walking safari, connecting intimately with the bush and its inhabitants. After breakfast, embark on an exciting game drive, uncovering the mysteries of the Linyanti wilderness. With the dry season’s arrival, witness the spectacle of large buffalo herds, a testament to the untouched allure of this region. As the day unfolds, delight in bird watching and the captivating songs of the avian residents. Later, set off on a mokoro boat trip through the marshland—a serene journey that unveils the intricate tapestry of this unique ecosystem. Return to the camp for a cosy evening by the boma, the traditional open-air restaurant, with views of a nearby waterhole that often hosts captivating wildlife interactions.

As you begin your journey from the captivating landscapes of Chobe National Park in Botswana, your path now leads to the vibrant realms of Namibia, where the Nambwa Tented Lodge awaits. Spanning a travel time of approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes, this transition guides you to the remarkable expanse of Bwabwata National Park in Namibia’s north-eastern Zambezi region.


Formed through the merging of Caprivi and Mahangu national parks, Bwabwata extends across 5,000 km², enveloping the western expanse of the “Caprivi tip.” Within this diverse tapestry, Bwabwata unveils an intricate blend of savannah adorned with dense trees, tropical bush landscapes, meandering riverbeds, marshes, and endless wetlands. This dynamic mosaic nurtures a thriving ecosystem where elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, an array of antelope species, and over 400 bird varieties flourish. As you journey through this diverse landscape, anticipate the presence of the “Big 5” and perhaps even the elusive wild dogs along the banks of this untamed wilderness, offering an exquisite glimpse into the profound beauty of Namibia’s wildlife-rich landscapes.


Arrive at Nambwa Tented Lodge, nestled within Namibia’s remarkable Caprivi Strip—a region of unparalleled diversity and wonder within Southern Africa. This unique headland shares borders with Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, presenting a brief yet immersive stay that encapsulates the essence of untamed nature and exclusive safari experiences. Retreat to your authentic safari tent, where luxury transcends traditional camping. These spacious 110-square-meter tents redefine comfort, blending light natural tones with classic-modern furnishings.

A separate living area, private viewing deck, mosquito netting, and en suite bathroom with a shower and bathtub offer a haven of relaxation. The heart of Nambwa Tented Lodge beats on its expansive terrace, offering panoramic vistas of the region’s marshlands. Gaze upon grazing buffalo, elephants sipping leisurely, and antelopes in playful frolic, all while indulging in your favourite drink. As the sun sets on your one-night stay, cherish the experiences this untamed landscape has unveiled. Nambwa Tented Lodge brings you face-to-face with the essence of the Caprivi Strip, intertwining exclusivity with nature’s beauty. This is brief yet impactful journey resonates with the allure of Southern Africa’s landscapes and the harmonious luxury that nature and comfort provide.

Leaving Bwabwata National Park, your path leads to the serene banks of the Okavango River and the welcoming embrace of Divava Okavango Lodge. A journey of around 4 hours and 30 minutes introduces you to the verdant heart of the Kavango region, where life flourishes harmoniously with the river’s nurturing flow.


The Kavango Region, situated in northern Namibia, is a captivating area characterized by its picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultural heritage. This region encompasses the scenic Kavango River, lush woodlands, and wetlands that support diverse wildlife. The Kavango people, primarily from the Kavango ethnic group, inhabit the region and maintain their traditional way of life, making it a unique destination for cultural experiences. Visitors can explore the region’s rich traditions, enjoy boat trips along the meandering river, and immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of this lesser-known part of Namibia.


Embrace a tranquil escape at Divava Okavango Resort & Spa, nestled along Namibia’s Okavango River near the enchanting Popa Falls. This luxurious sanctuary offers 20 elegant, air-conditioned chalets elevated above the riverbank, each boasting panoramic views. Indulge in relaxation on your private veranda, followed by a sumptuous dinner in the lodge’s cosy restaurant, with the flowing Okavango River as a backdrop.

Awaken to nature’s rhythm, enjoying a delicious breakfast before experiencing the lodge’s renowned spa treatments. Be pampered by massages, body wraps, or a rejuvenating steam bath while admiring the river landscape. Later, opt for a boat trip along the Okavango River, embracing its magic. As the day fades, savour dinner and recount your adventures against the soothing backdrop of the lodge’s ambiance. With memories etched in your heart, depart Divava Okavango Lodge, carrying the serenity of this riverside haven with you, forever reminiscent of your tranquil escape in Namibia’s embrace.

Navigate a scenic journey from the Kavango region, allowing the meandering course of the Okavango River to guide you towards your next destination: the Hakusembe River Lodge in Rundu. Spanning a duration of roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes, this route escorts you along the river’s tranquil flow, immersing you in the captivating landscapes and creating an idyllic prelude to a waterfront retreat where relaxation and the embrace of nature’s serene beauty await.


Rundu is a tranquil coastal village nestled along the serene shoreline, far away from the bustling cityscape. With its idyllic charm and natural beauty, it exudes a sense of simplicity and authenticity that resonates with those who seek respite from the chaos of urban life. The village is characterized by its quaint architecture, where traditional houses adorned with colourful, weathered facades line the narrow winding streets. As the sun sets over the horizon, Rundu transforms into a peaceful haven, enveloped in a gentle hush, interrupted only by the soothing sounds of the waves lapping at the sandy shore. Local residents, engaged in their daily routines, contribute to the village’s unique ambiance, maintaining a strong sense of community and heritage. With its untouched landscapes and unhurried pace, Rundu embodies a timeless charm that remains untouched by the outside world.


Step into the embrace of Hakusembe River Lodge, where a picturesque scene of verdant lawns, thatched-roof chalets, and the glistening river unfolds before you. As the winding gravel road leads you to this haven, fatigue dissipates in the face of nature’s beauty. The lush oasis of Hakusembe welcomes you, casting a serene calm that will envelop your stay. Here, amidst the rustling reeds and the gentle flow of the river, a feeling of tranquillity takes root and accompanies you throughout your visit.

River birds grace the skies, gliding between the reeds, while villagers row their dugouts on the water, their soft sounds mingling with the surroundings. Settle onto the floating deck, where you can stretch out, book in hand, and bask in the serenity of the moment. The harmonious symphony of birdsong and the soothing lapping of water against the shore dissolve worldly worries, offering a respite from the demands of everyday life. As you revel in this riverside tranquillity, let go of concerns and allow the peace of Hakusembe River Lodge to rejuvenate your spirit.

Travel from Rundu to the renowned Onguma Game Reserve, a 5-hour and 30-minute journey leading to the expansive 34,000-hectare Onguma private concession, adjacent to Etosha National Park. Here, Onguma The Fort awaits, offering encounters with over 30 mammal species, including lions and leopards. The wetlands host 300 bird species, a vibrant sight during the rainy season. Explore year-round with guided open-safari-vehicle tours across both Etosha and Onguma’s untamed beauty.


Nestled deep within the African wilderness, Onguma Game Reserve stands as an untouched sanctuary where the rhythms of nature unfold undisturbed. This vast expanse of untamed beauty, adorned with sweeping savannas, arid plains, and acacia-dotted landscapes, is home to a rich tapestry of wildlife, including majestic elephants, graceful giraffes, and elusive predators. As the sun sets, Onguma’s serene wilderness comes alive with the nocturnal symphony of the bush. Guided safaris provide a window into this wild world, where the primal essence of nature takes centre stage, offering visitors an opportunity to connect with the ancient beauty of Africa. Onguma Game Reserve invites all to embrace the untamed and rediscover the profound allure of the natural world.

Indulge in a captivating one-night escape at Onguma The Fort, nestled within the private Onguma Wildlife Reserve and facing the famed Etosha National Park. Witness the most breathtaking sunsets that Namibia has to offer, as this lodge, resembling a fortress, stands as one of the country’s most extraordinary luxury accommodations. Experience the pinnacle of comfort in the elegant Bush Suites, each thoughtfully equipped with modern amenities including a refrigerator, air conditioning, indoor and outdoor showers, and a private wooden veranda, ensuring your utmost relaxation. With each suite stationed 50 meters apart, complete privacy is assured.

Discover the exclusive Onguma Game Reserve, ideally located at the eastern boundary of the renowned Etosha National Park. Spanning an astonishing 34,000 hectares, the reserve teems with diverse wildlife including antelopes, giraffes, zebras, lions, leopards, and cheetahs. The elusive black rhinoceros, a rare gem of the region, might also grace your presence. Serving as a gateway to unparalleled wildlife encounters, Onguma The Fort offers an array of once-in-a-lifetime safari activities. Embark on exhilarating game drives within the reserve or Etosha, partake in romantic sundowners that paint the sky with hues of gold and crimson, or engage in enlightening bush walks that connect you intimately with nature’s rhythms. While within the fort’s embrace, immerse yourself in the dreamy panorama of Etosha’s salt pans and the vibrant energy of a bustling waterhole.

The main tower, enveloped by luxurious suites, radiates an enchanting fusion of African, Moroccan, and Indian influences through its architecture, decor, and color palette. As you explore the fort’s captivating ambience, experience the convergence of nature’s wonders and cultural inspiration. Your one-night journey at Onguma The Fort promises an unforgettable blend of luxury and wildlife, a testament to the indescribable allure that makes Namibia a land of captivating beauty and remarkable experiences.

Continue southward to the remarkable Okonjima Nature Reserve, a halfway point along your journey. Your next stop, the Okonjima Bush Camp, eagerly awaits your arrival. With a travel time of around 4 hours, this serene sanctuary spans 22,000 hectares west of the Waterberg Plateaus.


Okonjima Nature Reserve, situated in the heart of Namibia’s rugged terrain, is a mesmerizing wilderness sanctuary that beckons adventurers seeking an authentic African encounter. This expansive realm of untamed beauty boasts rolling plains, dramatic mountains, and iconic thorny acacia trees. Yet, Okonjima’s most renowned inhabitants are its elusive big cats, such as leopards and cheetahs, making it a pivotal centre for the preservation of these magnificent creatures. The reserve provides a unique opportunity for visitors to deeply engage with these remarkable predators through guided safaris and educational programs. Beyond the captivating wildlife encounters, Okonjima radiates a serene and remote ambiance, encouraging guests to rediscover their connection to the primal allure of nature and explore the intricate web of life within the Namibian wilderness. It’s a place where the spirit of adventure intertwines seamlessly with conservation, fostering a profound appreciation for Africa’s extraordinary biodiversity.


Immerse yourself in a remarkable two-night journey to the heart of Okonjima Nature Reserve, ideally positioned between Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, and the renowned Etosha National Park. Discover the unique allure of Okonjima Bush Camp, a mere three kilometres from the main camp, offering an authentic African experience. The exclusive chalets, designed in African style, ensure your utmost privacy, with each one situated at least 80 meters apart. Inside, you’ll find modern comforts like a cosy couch, minibar, safe, and telephone.

Your adventure at Okonjima unfolds against the backdrop of the thatched lodge, offering a rare opportunity to witness Namibia’s majestic large predator species, including lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, black-backed hyenas, and wild dogs. This extraordinary encounter is deeply rooted in Okonjima’s commitment to the AfriCat Foundation’s conservation efforts, which initially focused on rescuing leopards from traps and hunters while providing a haven for orphaned animals. Over time, their dedication has expanded to safeguarding diverse wildlife and preserving the fragile ecosystem. Within the confines of a five-square kilometre protected area, you’ll come face-to-face with more than six lions, five leopards, and four wild dogs, exemplifying the harmony between wildlife protection and sustainable coexistence.

As you set forth on the last leg of your adventure, a mere hour’s drive outside Windhoek unveils your final destination: the exceptional Zannier Hotel Omaanda. In a journey spanning around 3 hours and 30 minutes, you transition into the realm of Zannier Reserve by Omaanda, where the culmination of your Namibian exploration awaits.


Zannier Reserve by Omaanda is a distinguished haven within the African wilderness, providing discerning travelers with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world. This luxurious sanctuary seamlessly blends the awe-inspiring landscapes of expansive savannas, verdant woodlands, and shimmering waterholes with the refinement and comfort of a world-class retreat. While wildlife freely roams the captivating terrain, Zannier Reserve by Omaanda offers a respite for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the untamed splendour of the Namibian wilderness. Expertly guided safaris bring guests into close encounters with Africa’s iconic wildlife, making this a place where the harmony of nature and the elegance of luxury converge to create an unforgettable African experience.


Get ready for an unforgettable three-night stay at Zannier Hotel Omaanda. It’s a special place with huts that look like homes from the Owambo people. These huts have amazing views of the wide savannah and faraway hills. You’ll have your own cosy hut with a sunken bathtub and a big terrace to relax on.

In the mornings, you can have breakfast with cute meerkats and see the sunrise. With a guide, you can watch rhinos and elephants swim, spot leopards in trees, and enjoy the night sounds of the savannah. During the day, you can hang out by the cool infinity pool and watch animals drink water at a nearby hole. You’ll also get to eat yummy local foods at the Ambo Delights restaurant.

If you’re curious, you can try special Namibian therapies with roots, herbs, and spices that make you feel good. And when the sun sets, you can have drinks by a fire in the boma, a nice place to gather. This three-night adventure at Zannier Hotel Omaanda lets you experience the beauty of Namibia in a cosy and exciting way. Get ready to make memories you’ll never forget!

It’s time to wave goodbye to Namibia. You’ll head to the airport in Windhoek, returning your rental car and getting ready for your flight back home. On the plane, you can relax and think about all the amazing things you did during your trip – the sights, the sounds, and the stories you’ll carry with you. It’s not just a flight, it’s a chance to remember the journey and the adventures that made it special.

Services Overview

  • Rental car in the category Toyota Fortuner 4×4 or similar from Maun to Windhoek
  • Three nights with All Inclusive at Khwai Lediba (Luxury Room)
  • Three nights with All Inclusive at Linyanti Bush Camp (Luxury Tent)
  • One overnight stay with half board at the Nambwa Tented Lodge (Twin)
  • One night with half board at Divava Okavango Lodge (Twin)
  • One overnight stay with half board at Hakusembe River Lodge (Twin)
  • One night with half board at Onguma The Fort (Bush Suite)
  • Two nights with half board at Okonjima Bush Camp (Twin)
  • Three nights with half board at the Omaanda Zannier Hotel (One Bedroom Hut)
  • Flights
  • Spa treatments
  • Meals not listed

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