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Namibia – Journey through Desert Landscapes

Discover the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife of Namibia in this captivating documentary. From the surreal dunes of the Namib Desert to the vibrant wildlife of Etosha National Park, immerse yourself in the natural wonders and rich cultural heritage of this south-western African gem.

Your Namibian journey starts at Windhoek Airport, where the excitement of arrival blends with handling immigration. Once that’s sorted, you’ll hop into a rental car, your key to Namibia’s wonders. The drive to Bagatelle Kalahari Game Lodge takes about three hours, giving you a taste of the landscapes ahead – golden deserts and mirages that dance in the sunlight. With each kilometre, you’re not just going somewhere; you’re becoming part of Namibia’s story, and as the lodge appears on the horizon, you’re stepping into an adventure where roads lead to discoveries and moments weave the enchanting tale of this extraordinary country.


The Kalahari Desert, a vast and captivating expanse spanning across Southern Africa, is a land of contrasts. With its red sand dunes, arid plains, and sparse vegetation, it showcases a unique beauty that’s both rugged and serene. Despite its arid nature, the Kalahari teems with life, from unique desert-adapted wildlife to indigenous cultures that have thrived in harmony with the environment for generations. It’s a place of solitude and wonder where the stark landscapes reveal the resilience of life in one of the world’s most iconic deserts.


Arrive at Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch and step into the captivating “Spirit of Namibia.” Nestled on the southern edge of the Kalahari Desert, surrounded by red sand dunes, the ranch’s winding farmhouse immerses you in the essence of this unique region. As you cross the threshold, the central entrance hall leads you to the reception, lounge, dining room, bar & wine cellar, and a captivating library—a prelude to the immersing journey ahead.

Experience the luxury and comfort of the Savanna Chalet, where modern furnishings made from natural materials transport you to an authentic African dream. The simple yet modern bathroom invites you to refresh after a day of adventure, with the wooden structures and Namibian accessories creating a distinct atmosphere. Whether through a cooling shower or the comfort of air conditioning, the chalet provides respite from the desert’s heat.

As the day winds down, make your way to the terrace built on stilts along a gentle slope. The evening offers the perfect opportunity to reflect on the day’s experiences. With a glass of wine in hand, take in the captivating view of the seemingly endless Kalahari Desert. The tranquil panorama encapsulates the beauty that defines Namibia’s unique charm.

As your stay draws to a close, savour a leisurely breakfast and take a final stroll through the vibrant surroundings. Depart Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch with memories of luxury, natural wonders, and the authentic allure of the Kalahari Desert, knowing that the spirit of this remarkable journey will remain with you always.

The upcoming journey will take you from the Kalahari to the expansive Namib Desert, where iconic red dunes will dominate the landscape. The drive of approximately 4 to 5 hours will unveil changing vistas, offering glimpses of the desert’s shifting moods and mesmerizing terrain. As you traverse the open road, you can anticipate the transition to Soussusvlei Lodge—an oasis amidst the desert beauty—where the warm embrace of Namibia’s enchanting landscapes will await to envelop you in its awe-inspiring charm.


Namib-Naukluft National Park, located in the south-western region of Namibia, is a captivating expanse of natural wonder that stretches across approximately 19,216 square miles (49,768 square kilometres). Renowned for its dramatic and ever-shifting landscapes, the park is home to the iconic red sand dunes of Sossusvlei, some of which rise to over 1,000 feet (305 meters), creating a surreal and mesmerizing desert vista. Beyond the dunes, the park boasts rugged mountains, ancient canyons, and vast gravel plains. Visitors are treated to a unique blend of arid beauty and diverse ecosystems, including the intriguing desert-adapted flora and fauna. This national treasure beckons adventure seekers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts to explore its otherworldly terrain and experience the timeless allure of the Namib Desert.


During your stay at Sossusvlei Lodge, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating landscape of western Namibia’s desert. Upon arrival, settle into your comfortable superior bungalow, adorned in warm red tones that blend harmoniously with the surroundings. The lodge features an inviting reception area, the Adventure Centre for activity planning, a souvenir shop, diverse dining options, a barbecue area, an observation tower with distant dune views, and a sun terrace overlooking an illuminated waterhole. A cosy bar with a sun deck and a refreshing pool complete the facilities.

Start your exploration with an optional excursion into the Sossusvlei Desert. Embark on a guided tour that traverses the mesmerizing sea of red dunes. Pass by the renowned Dune 45 and consider a challenging climb to its summit. Continue to the captivating Deadvlei, a salt pan adorned with surreal dead trees, creating a unique landscape. Enjoy a picnic-style lunch amidst the desert’s splendour, while your guide shares insights about the desert’s geological and cultural significance. Return to Sossusvlei Lodge in the evening to relax and reflect on the remarkable sights.

Make the most of the lodge’s amenities, including the observation tower’s panoramic view and the souvenir shop’s distinctive keepsakes. After a leisurely afternoon, consider additional activities such as nature walks or quad biking. Spend your final evening savouring a farewell dinner under the starry desert sky. Conclude your stay with a final breakfast, bidding adieu to the tranquil ambiance of Sossusvlei Lodge. This itinerary offers a harmonious blend of desert exploration and relaxation, allowing you to fully appreciate the splendours of Sossusvlei and its surrounding attractions.

Leaving the captivating Sossusvlei Lodge, you’re en route to the Swakopmund Hotel, a 4 to 5-hour drive away. Set in Swakopmund, Namibia’s entertainment capital, the historic hotel offers a central location and a glimpse into the town’s German colonial heritage.


With its unique blend of desert and sea, Swakopmund invites you to explore sandy beaches and venture into the nearby Namib Desert foothills. Don’t miss the memorable “Marine Safari” from Walvis Bay, where seals, dolphins, and perhaps even whales, add enchantment to your coastal experience. From dunes to sea, Swakopmund’s charm weaves history, natural wonders, and the allure of the desert meeting the coast into your Namibian journey.


Upon arriving at Organic Stay Guest house, you’ll be welcomed into the lap of luxury within your standard room, where modern spaciousness and the charm of a small garden converge to create a serene coastal retreat. After a rejuvenating night’s sleep, indulge in a wholesome continental breakfast in the sunny breakfast room, setting a positive tone for the day ahead. The guest house’s central location facilitates exploration of Swakopmund’s historic district, granting easy access to the beach, local landmarks, and an array of dining options. Whether it’s a leisurely beachside stroll, historical immersion, or the tranquil ambiance of the guest house, the afternoon is yours to enjoy.

Prepare for an exhilarating adventure the next day with the Dolphin & Seal Cruise in Walvis Bay. Departing between 8:45 am and 9:00 am, the cruise treats you to remarkable birdlife sightings and the potential companionship of playful seals. At Pelican Point, discover a striking lighthouse and a bustling seal colony, complemented by a delectable beachside braai showcasing ocean flavours. The cruise might even unveil the captivating “Big 5 of the sea,” including dolphins and other marine wonders. On departure morning, relish your final moments at Organic Stay Guest house and explore the remaining corners of Swakopmund if time permits, leaving with cherished memories of your stay and the unforgettable Dolphin & Seal Cruise, bidding adieu to this tranquil haven.

Journeying from the comfort of Organic Stay Guest house to Malansrus Camp in Damaraland, your drive spans approximately 3.5 hours. Prior to fully immersing in Damaraland’s landscapes, consider a stopover to appreciate the beauty of the national park.


As you enter Damaraland, you’ll encounter a captivating blend of vibrant colours and rugged terrains, offering unique vistas and memorable experiences. This region’s charm lies in the juxtaposition of barren desert landscapes and lush green oasis, creating an enchanting contrast. Ascending Namibia’s tallest peak, Brandberg Mountain, offers panoramic views across Damaraland, where desert-dwelling wildlife might make an appearance. Additionally, the oases along the rivers serve as sanctuaries for diverse wildlife, including rhinos and elephants, allowing you to witness these majestic creatures against the desert backdrop. Prepare for an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, as Damaraland unveils its multifaceted allure and distinctive charm.


Arrive at the picturesque Malansrus Tented Camp, nestled along the Aba Huab riverbed beneath ancient mopane trees. Settle into your twin room tent and immerse yourself in the authentic African charm that defines the camp’s ambiance. The main tent serves as a welcoming hub, inviting you to experience the warmth of the environment. Evenings come alive with a half-board dinner, introducing you to the flavours of African cuisine. As night settles in, the outdoor fireplace becomes a gathering place for stories and camaraderie, shared over glasses of wine or beer.

Awake to the melodies of nature, savouring a hearty breakfast in the main tent before embarking on your exploration. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Twyfelfontein, where rock engravings, the iconic organ pipes, burnt mountain, and the petrified forest offer insights into history and geological marvels. Return to the camp for an afternoon of tranquillity, enveloped by the serene surroundings.

Conclude your stay with a final breakfast, reflecting on the experiences gathered at Malansrus Tented Camp. Complete the check-out process, carrying cherished memories of an authentic African encounter amidst nature’s embrace. This itinerary seamlessly weaves exploration, relaxation, and companionship, creating an indelible stay in the heart of untamed beauty.

Continuing your journey from Damaraland, you’re headed deeper into the heart of adventure as you make your way to the Etosha Safari Lodge. Anticipate a travel time of approximately 3 to 4 hours, during which the landscapes of Namibia will unfold before you. As you venture into the Etosha National Park, your dream trip continues to unveil its wonders.


Etosha National Park, situated in northern Namibia, is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise covering approximately 8,600 square miles (22,270 square kilometres). Its crowning jewel is the Etosha Pan, a vast, shallow salt pan that becomes a shimmering mirage during the dry season, drawing a multitude of animals to its life-giving waterholes. The park is renowned for its extraordinary game viewing opportunities, featuring an impressive array of wildlife, including elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and a plethora of antelope species. Visitors can embark on self-driven safaris, guided game drives, or simply wait patiently at waterholes for thrilling wildlife encounters. Etosha’s unique and diverse ecosystems, characterized by grasslands, woodlands, and Mopane savannah. Make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an immersive African safari experience.


Arriving at Etosha Safari Lodge, situated atop a hillside that overlooks a picturesque landscape adorned with mopane bush, rosethorn acacia, and yellowwood trees, settle into your comfortable twin room. Experience the unique ambiance of the lodge, where the main building houses an inviting lobby featuring a bar/lounge and a restaurant that promises delightful culinary experiences. A highlight awaits on the wooden deck built on stilts, where you can savour breathtaking sunsets with a glass of wine and conclude your day beneath the African starry sky by the camp fire’s warm glow. The lodge’s allure further extends to its three inviting pools, providing a refreshing respite after your explorations in the Etosha National Park.

Mornings bring the promise of exciting days ahead as you indulge in a hearty breakfast before embarking on your Etosha National Park safari. Returning in the afternoon, take advantage of the lodge’s pools for a refreshing dip. As the sun sets, relish delectable meals in the lodge’s restaurant while basking in the unique hospitality set against the backdrop of the African wilderness. Evenings unfold with the enchanting transition from vibrant sunsets to the dancing shadows of the camp fire, leaving you with the timeless contemplation of whether safaris or the moments that follow hold greater beauty. Throughout your stay at Etosha Safari Lodge, immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of relaxation, wildlife encounters, and captivating evenings, promising an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature’s splendour and the lodge’s warm embrace.

Mushara Bush Camp is a retreat that seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings. The thatched main building blends harmoniously with the bushland, creating an immersive atmosphere. The open design of the main area houses the reception, a charming small souvenir shop, a cosy bar with a lounge, and a restaurant. Catering to younger guests, the lodge offers a dedicated play area within the main vicinity, complemented by an adjacent playground and a small paddling pool. The lodge’s affable staff orchestrates creative games and provides children with activity suggestions, ensuring their enjoyment.

The kitchen crafts favourite dishes for the little ones. For all guests, a spacious swimming pool stands ready to offer respite after your Namibian journey by rental car. The evening camp fire serves as a cosy gathering spot, fostering a convivial atmosphere for sharing experiences. The lodge comprises 16 tented chalets, with four of them additionally furnished with a sofa accommodating up to two children. Crafted from natural materials like limestone from the nearby area, canvas, and wood, these chalets exude a unique charm. Each tent boasts an 8 m² private veranda. The inclusion of generous floor-to-ceiling windows not only imparts an optimal sense of space but also ensures excellent ventilation.

En-suite bathrooms feature brushed cement floors and limestone walls, naturally cooling the tents. With spacious showers and a viewing window into the surrounding bush, the bathrooms provide an extraordinary touch. Additional amenities include a tea and coffee station, a safe, mosquito nets over the beds, electricity for battery charging, and a fan. This itinerary at Mushara Bush Camp offers a perfect blend of relaxation, family-oriented activities, and immersive experiences amid nature’s embrace, making it an idyllic destination for a memorable stay.

Departing from the Etosha region, your route heads southward towards the iconic Waterberg Plateau, a striking geological formation resembling a table mountain. This change in scenery grants you glimpses of Namibia’s diverse landscapes along the way.


Designated as a protected nature reserve in 1972, the Waterberg Plateau holds a special place in conservation efforts. Within this sanctuary, the reintroduction of Namibia’s cherished wildlife is evident—white and black rhinoceros, buffalo, an array of antelope species, the elusive leopard, and the swift cheetah all find their home here. Each kilometre covered brings you closer to the captivating allure and distinctive terrains of the Waterberg Plateau, inviting you to explore the region’s natural marvels and vibrant biodiversity.


Discover Frans Indongo Lodge, a tranquil haven near Waterberg Plateau Park, north of Windhoek, offering a serene escape amidst Namibia’s natural beauty. Relax by the sunlit terrace and inviting pool, where glimpses of nyalas and antelopes at the private waterhole enhance your experience. The vast 170-square-kilometer farm area provides a sanctuary for African wildlife, including the majestic black rhinoceros and elegant white-tailed wildebeest. Explore hiking trails that beckon you into the surrounding landscapes.

Indulge in the lodge’s restaurant with game dishes and fresh farm vegetables, reflecting the Ovambo culture’s inspiration. The lodge’s decor, blending wood, stone, and reed, evokes authentic African ambiance, while the cosy rooms, each equipped with essential amenities, ensure comfort. Throughout your stay, embrace relaxation, wildlife encounters, and the flavours of Namibian cuisine, all within the lodge’s inviting atmosphere.

You’ll say goodbye to the captivating landscapes of Namibia. You’ll head to Windhoek Airport, where you’ll return your rental car. As you depart, leaving behind the breathtaking beauty of Namibia, the memories of your remarkable adventures will travel with you, infusing a piece of this extraordinary land into your journey ahead.

Services Overview

  • Rental car (Nissan X-Trail SUV) incl. fully comprehensive from/to Windhoek Airport
  • Two-night Gondwana Kalahari Anib Lodge (standard room, half board)
  • Optional overnight stay at the Bagatelle Kalahari Game (Savanna Chalet, HB)- extra charge
  • Two nights at Soussusvlei Lodge (Superior Room, half board)
  • Optional overnight Dessert Homestead and Hoodia Dessert Lodge
  • Day trip to the desert to Soussusvlei and climb the highest dune
  • Two nights in an Organic Stay Guesthouse (standard room, half board)
  • Optional Giardino Boutique Hotel, Delight hotel
  • Walvis Bay Dolphin/Whale Watching Excursion
  • Two nights at Malansrus Camp in Damaraland (twin room, half board), Twyfelfontein Lodge
  • One night at the Gondwana Etosha Safari Lodge (twin room, half board)
  • Optional Toshari Lodge
  • Three nights at Mushara Bush Camp (twin room, half board)
  • Optional Onguma Tented Camp und Gondwana King Nehale
  • 2 days safari in Etosha National Park (early morning & evening) with guide in open jeep
  • Two-night stay at Otjiwa Lodge or Optional Frans Indongo Lodge (Twin Bed & Breakfast or HB)
  • International land and short-haul flights
  • Tips
  • Spa treatments
  • Meals not listed
  • personal extras, travel health insurance, etc.

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