Rwanda – Unearthing the Beauty of a Thousand Hills


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Rwanda – Unearthing the Beauty of a Thousand Hills

Traverse Rwanda’s diverse tapestry, from Kigali’s urban vibrancy to the untamed wilds of Wilderness Bisate and the enchanting landscapes of Wilderness Magashi. In Kigali, absorb poignant history intertwined with vibrant culture. In Bisate, forge a profound connection with mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. At Magashi, engage in thrilling game drives and tranquil boat safaris, weaving together moments into a vivid Rwandan adventure.

As you land at Kigali International Airport, the attentive team of Wilderness Rwanda is ready to extend a warm welcome, meeting you at the arrival migration area with a clear signboard that bears your name. This personalized touch is just the beginning of your seamless experience. Beyond providing a private vehicle for your transfer to the Kigali Serena Hotel, Wilderness Rwanda goes the extra mile by offering assistance with immigration procedures. While you relax in the VIP lounge, complimentary refreshments are served, ensuring you start your Rwandan journey not only in comfort but also with the reassurance that every detail is taken care of.


Kigali welcomes you with its unique charm. As you traverse its streets, a harmonious coexistence between bustling urban life and a serene atmosphere becomes palpable. The city’s vibrancy unfolds through its colourful markets, where local vendors proudly display their wares, and its tree-lined boulevards, offering a sense of calm amidst the activity. Amidst this backdrop, the Kigali Genocide Memorial stands as a solemn testament to the nation’s journey of resilience and healing. Yet, Kigali is not solely defined by its past; it also thrives as a hub of creativity and innovation, where galleries, cafés, and artisan workshops infuse a dynamic energy. In Kigali, tradition and progress intersect in a captivating dance, inviting you to uncover its multifaceted beauty with each step you take.


Arriving in the afternoon at Kigali Serena Hotel, you’ll be met with a warm welcome from the attentive staff who will guide you seamlessly through the check-in process. Your elegantly appointed Superior Room, marrying modern comforts with Rwandan aesthetics, offers a tranquil retreat where you can unwind and savour the captivating views from your window. As evening descends, indulge in a culinary exploration at Sokoni Restaurant, where a carefully curated dinner combines international flavours and local specialities to create a feast for the senses. Subsequently, leisurely strolls through the hotel’s gardens or moments of reflection in cosy lounges invite relaxation amidst the gentle Rwandan night.

With the first light of morning, awaken to the inviting aromas of a delectable breakfast spread at Milima Restaurant. Here, a variety of freshly baked goods, local delights, and international favourites set the tone for the day ahead.

The journey from Kigali to Nyungwe National Park is a captivating transition from the vibrant city to the tranquil wilderness. As you leave behind Kigali’s urban energy, the landscape gradually transforms, unveiling the iconic rolling hills and fertile landscapes that define Rwanda. The scenic route meanders through charming villages and verdant tea plantations, offering glimpses of daily rural life. This picturesque drive leads you to the embrace of Nyungwe National Park, a haven of biodiversity and natural wonder. With its dense montane rainforest and captivating canopy walkways, the park presents an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature, offering a haven for diverse wildlife and a truly immersive experience.


Nyungwe National Park, located in the south-western part of Rwanda, is a lush and pristine paradise that boasts one of the oldest and most biodiverse rainforests in Africa. Spanning over 1,000 square kilometres, this verdant wonderland is a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Nyungwe is renowned for its dense canopies, cascading waterfalls, and an intricate network of hiking trails that lead adventurers through its rich flora and fauna, including rare primates like chimpanzees and colobus monkeys. The park’s serene environment provides a unique opportunity for trekking, birdwatching, and exploring an untouched wilderness, making Nyungwe National Park a true gem of biodiversity in the heart of Africa.


Your adventure commences with a warm welcome from a Wilderness guide, ensuring a seamless check-in to your luxurious King Room that promises comfort amidst the serene beauty of Nyungwe National Park. Indulge in culinary delights as each day unfolds with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds. Your journey into the heart of Nyungwe’s wilderness begins with an exhilarating Canopy Walk, offering a unique perspective on the park’s abundant flora and fauna.

Day two brings the thrill of a Chimp Tracking expedition, guided by a knowledgeable expert who provides insights into these remarkable creatures’ lives. Your day is balanced with relaxation, providing the perfect opportunity to bask in the tranquil surroundings, possibly indulging in a spa treatment or unwinding by the pool. The following day, embark on a Colobus Monkey Tracking adventure, accompanied by a porter, immersing you further into the natural beauty of the forest. Engage with local culture, adding a touch of authenticity to your experience.

As your unforgettable three-night journey draws to a close, take with you cherished memories of the captivating landscapes and immersive encounters with wildlife. With daily meals, transportation, tracking permits, and cultural engagement seamlessly woven into your stay, this itinerary promises a harmonious blend of luxury and adventure that captures the essence of Nyungwe National Park’s allure.

Leaving the lush expanse of Nyungwe National Park, the landscape undergoes a gradual transformation, unfolding into a tapestry of rolling hills and vibrant communities as you make your way to the northern reaches of Rwanda.


Volcanoes National Park, a realm of natural wonder nestled within the majestic Virunga Mountains. This park, renowned for its breathtaking volcanic peaks, stands as a sanctuary for the critically endangered mountain gorillas—an emblem of conservation success. Here, amidst the misty beauty of the volcanoes, lies an opportunity to encounter these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat, forging a connection with the heart of the wild that is both profound and unforgettable.

Your journey at Wilderness Bisate commences with a gracious welcome to your luxurious accommodation, setting the tone for an immersive experience. Engage in guided or self-guided birding and nature walks, delving into the rich biodiversity of the property while enjoying all-inclusive meals and drinks. The day concludes with a delightful dinner, a testament to the lodge’s culinary finesse.

As day two dawns, the cultural tapestry of Rwanda unfolds with a guided nursery visit and indigenous tree planting, fostering a sense of connection to conservation efforts. Explore the surrounding communities on guided walks, gaining insight into local life. A complimentary 20-minute neck and shoulder massage adds a touch of relaxation, while documentary film screenings deepen your understanding of the ecosystem.

Day three takes you on a thrilling Golden Monkey Tracking expedition, a chance to witness these energetic creatures in their natural habitat. Return to the lodge for lunch and discover a “gym in a basket” in your villa, promoting wellness amid the stunning setting. Enrich your knowledge with a guide’s explanation of the property’s biodiversity.

On day four, an early breakfast prepares you for the pinnacle of your stay: Gorilla Tracking. With the Rwanda Development Board’s guidance, you’ll embark on a truly unforgettable encounter with these majestic creatures. Your journey concludes with a leisurely lunch, a reflection on the captivating experiences, and a farewell to the exceptional Wilderness Bisate.

Leaving the enchanting realm of Volcanoes National Park behind, the landscape gradually transforms, unfolding into a picturesque canvas of rolling hills and vibrant communities as you make your way back to Kigali. The transition is a poignant time for reflection, carrying with you the memories of the awe-inspiring encounters with the majestic mountain gorillas and the rugged beauty of the volcanic landscapes.

Arriving at Kigali Serena Hotel, immerse yourself in a seamless check-in and take a moment to unwind before embarking on an afternoon of exploration. Discover Kigali’s dynamic blend of modernity and culture through a guided city tour, visiting vibrant markets overflowing with local art and crafts, and paying homage to history at the Genocide Memorial. With the convenience of a private vehicle and a Wilderness guide, navigate the city’s diverse landscape at your pace. Return to the hotel to relax and enjoy a satisfying dinner, rounding off a day of cultural discovery. After a restful night, fuel up with breakfast and bid farewell, carrying the essence of Kigali’s vibrancy with you from Kigali Serena Hotel.

A Wilderness Rwanda representative will greet you at Kigali Serena Hotel and ensure your smooth transfer to Kigali International Airport using a private vehicle. As your journey with us comes to a close, we bid you farewell.

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  • All accommodation on a shared basis
  • Meals as specified
  • Excursions and transfers as included in the quote
  • Most safari camps/lodges include two game activities per day in their rate – one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Private activities and guide may be booked, at an additional cost, for sole use or special interest activities. Please advise if you would like additional information on this service
  • Services of the camp/lodge guides and staff
  • Relevant park fees and entrance fees as specified in the quote
  • Drinks as specified – drink inclusions may differ between camps/lodges
  • Laundry can be done at most camps/lodges and hotels. In some cases this is included in the rate as quoted
  • Air transfers as specified, including Departure Taxes as relevant on Wilderness Air in Botswana and Namibia
  • Accommodation taxes, the applicable Tourism Levies and all relevant Value Added Tax (VAT) or Government Sales Tax (GST).
  • Meals not specified in the quote such as lunch and dinner in city hotels.
  • Any drinks, park fees, entrance fees, porterage, tours/excursions and transfers not specified in the quote.
  • Any scheduled commercial flights and related taxes.
  • Cancellation, baggage and medical insurance.
  • Staff gratuities.
  • Any new Government Taxes, levies, fuel or industry increases which are beyond our control.
  • Visa fees where relevant.
  • Any items of a personal nature.

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