Team Singapore

Team Singapore

Our Team in Singapore is a dynamic couple, Patrick and Lorna, the driving force behind unparalleled luxury travel experiences. As proud members of the Intosol family, their expertise in crafting exceptional journeys goes beyond the ordinary. Patrick, a globe-trotter with German heritage, and Lorna, a seasoned traveler with a Chinese/Singaporean background, bring a unique blend of cultures to the forefront of luxury travel design.

This diversity adds a vibrant dimension to their approach, setting them apart in the industry. What distinguishes Patrick and Lorna is their profound connection to both the local and expat communities. Their global perspective is shaped by extensive travels, living, working, and exploring on six continents. From budget backpacking adventures to indulging in opulent five-star hotels, they’ve personally embraced the entire spectrum of travel experiences. However, their passion extends beyond places; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences.

Whether hiking in the mountains with a soothing sauna afterwards or exploring picturesque diving spots worldwide, Patrick and Lorna cater to various tastes and preferences. Team Singapore’s commitment goes beyond creating vacations; Patrick and Lorna aspire to offer customers more than a holiday. Drawing from backgrounds in key account management and finance, they bring a wealth of experience in customer satisfaction, ensuring each traveller’s unique needs are met and exceeded.

Join us on a transformative journey with Team Singapore, where every trip is a curated experience tailored to individual desires and aspirations. Intosol isn’t just a luxury travel agency; it’s the gateway to a world where Patrick and Lorna craft each adventure into a masterpiece.

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Patrick and Lorna

Patrick and Lorna are the perfect example of love transcending borders and culture. Patrick who also works in Re-Insurance moved to Singapore 6 years ago and found the perfect partner in Lorna, who also works as a Key Account Manager.

Favorite country:


Favorite city:

Bangkok (Thailand)

Favorite hotel:

Capella Singapore


"Travel is my Therapy"


Food, Salsa & Dragonboating

Must Have:

A Comfortable Bed




Dancing and Outdoor Sports


Ambitious, Self-Driven