Escape to the Maldives: A Paradise Unveiled

Welcome to the Maldives, a tropical oasis of unparalleled beauty and blissful serenity, where every moment is a celebration of nature's wonders. Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of this exotic destination as it invites you to experience the epitome of a dreamy island getaway.



The Maldives beckons, a magnitude of beauty and unparalleled luxury. From the breathtaking coral reefs to opulent overwater villas and serene private islands, each moment promises an unforgettable escape. Allow the Maldives’ serene ambiance to sweep you into a world of pure bliss.

Important Information


Approx. 0.5 million


English, Dhivehi


230V - Type D and G


Hepatitis A/B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Polio, Tetanus





Travel Period

Dry season between 20 December and 15 May


Maldivian Rufiyaa (MRf)

Main Income

Fisheries, tourism

Important Telephone NUmbers:

Ambulance 102, Coast Guard 191, Fire Brigade 118, Police 119

  • Azure Waters and Pristine White Sands

    Encounter the captivating beauty of crystal-clear turquoise waters gently caressing powdery white sands, creating an idyllic paradise straight out of a postcard.
  • Luxurious Overwater Villas

    Indulge in the ultimate luxury of overwater villas, perched above the tranquil lagoon, offering unobstructed views and direct access to the mesmerizing marine life.
  • Vibrant Coral Reefs and Marine Life

    Explore the vibrant coral reefs that encircle the islands, a kaleidoscope of colors teeming with a diverse array of marine creatures, perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.
  • Sunset Cruises and Dolphin Encounters

    Embark on enchanting sunset cruises, where the horizon becomes a canvas of golden hues, or witness playful dolphins dancing in the glistening waters.
  • Secluded Private Islands

    Discover secluded private islands, where you can escape the world and find complete tranquility, surrounded by lush greenery and serene beaches.
  • Maldivian Spa Retreats

    Rejuvenate your senses with Maldivian spa treatments, inspired by ancient healing rituals, leaving you pampered and refreshed amidst a serene tropical setting.
  • Underwater Dining Experiences

    Savor culinary delights with underwater dining experiences, surrounded by the wonders of the ocean, creating unforgettable moments in the lap of luxury.

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Welcome to Preferred Journeys, where we specialize in crafting tailor-made escapes to the Maldives, a realm of unparalleled luxury and natural beauty. Whether you dream of overwater villas, vibrant coral reefs, secluded private islands, or underwater dining, we are dedicated to turning your Maldivian fantasies into a personalized reality. Let us create the perfect journey that resonates harmoniously with your desires.

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Luxury residences in


The Maldives’ luxury accommodations offer a sublime blend of opulence and the allure of the ocean. From sumptuous overwater villas perched above the tranquil lagoon, offering unobstructed views and direct access to mesmerizing marine life, to rejuvenating spa treatments and underwater dining experiences, our exclusive escapes promise an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in elegance and savor the tranquility of the Maldives’ pristine beauty. Your retreat through the Maldives begins in lavish style.

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Dhaalu Atoll

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Raa Atoll