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Botswana – Wildlife, Culture, and Natural Marvels

Venture into the heart of Botswana for an unforgettable journey, where untamed landscapes and vibrant cultures intertwine seamlessly. The odyssey commences amidst Nxai Pan’s surreal salt pans, home to a diverse array of wildlife. Transitioning to the Khwai Private Concession, exclusive wildlife encounters and pristine nature await. Crossing into Mozambique, be embraced by pristine beaches and a rich cultural tapestry, offering a captivating blend of exploration and relaxation. This expedition guarantees an immersive experience, traversing diverse landscapes while uncovering the true essence of Botswana and the allure of Mozambique.

Upon your arrival at Maun airport, a representative from our partner agency will greet you in the arrivals’ hall, guiding you through customs and immigration. From there, you’ll be ushered to your private vehicle, ready to embark on your journey to Nxai Pan—a symbolic gateway to an exhilarating migration expedition. Welcome to Botswana’s realm of contrasts, where the unique Okavango Delta ecosystem unfolds before you, revealing hundreds of captivating animal species during eventful safaris.


Nxai Pan National Park, situated in the heart of Botswana’s rugged terrain, reveals a captivating landscape defined by boundless horizons and untamed allure. The expansive salt pans create an ethereal atmosphere, their shimmering expanse shifting with the play of light. A testament to the rhythm of nature, the sanctuary draws wildlife to its life-sustaining waters, setting the stage for extraordinary interactions between predators and their prey. The iconic umbrella acacia trees punctuate the vast expanse, offering shade and refuge to creatures seeking solace from the relentless sun.


Immerse yourself in a captivating 3-night journey at Migration Expeditions, where luxury meets eco-conscious design in the heart of Nxai Pan National Park. The camp seamlessly blends with the desert landscape, featuring canvas-roofed centres housing an open kitchen and a cosy lounge, creating an authentic African safari ambiance. With solar-powered charging stations ready for your cameras, gather around the fire circle to share stories beneath the starlit African sky.

Each day begins with the thrill of morning game drives, unveiling the prowess of Kalahari lions, herds of elephants, and an array of captivating wildlife. Explore the ancient Baine’s Baobabs with a knowledgeable guide, discovering the history etched into these magnificent giants. Afternoon game drives continue the adventure, offering glimpses of wildebeest, giraffes, oryx, and springbok. Predators such as cheetahs, jackals, and spotted hyenas may make an appearance, adding excitement to your journey.

The focal point of your experience is the remarkable Botswana zebra migration, an epic journey spanning over 1000 km. A full-day safari brings you close to this awe-inspiring event, where zebras play a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem’s balance. Picnic amidst the wilderness, surrounded by the rhythms of the savannah. Evening safaris offer insights into the nocturnal world, completing your immersion into the wonders of the desert.

Moving from Nxai Pan to Khwai, you enter a wildlife-rich haven adjacent to the renowned Moremi Game Sanctuary in northern Botswana. Khwai’s lush landscapes host a variety of animals, including elephants, lions, leopards, hyenas, hippos, and rare wild dogs that you might even spot from your terrace. The area is also a paradise for bird enthusiasts, with over 450 bird species recorded, adding to the enchantment of this diverse and captivating destination.


Khwai Private Concession, nestled between Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park, is a pristine haven of wildlife and natural beauty. This exclusive wilderness area boasts an astounding array of animals, including the Big Five, set against a backdrop of diverse landscapes, from lush riverine woodlands and seasonal floodplains to expansive grasslands and mopane forests. Visitors here can embark on thrilling game drives, guided bush walks, Mokoro excursions, and night drives, all while enjoying the exclusivity of limited visitor numbers. Luxurious lodges seamlessly blend with the environment, offering guests both comfort and a sense of intimacy with nature. With a strong commitment to conservation and opportunities for cultural experiences, Khwai Private Concession promises a safari adventure like no other in the heart of the Okavango Delta.


Experience a captivating 3-night journey at Khwai Lediba Camp, a charming tented haven immersed in the African wilderness. This intimate camp accommodates up to 16 guests in six comfortable tents and a family tent, striking a balance between modern luxury and the rugged bush environment. Your private veranda reveals breathtaking views extending towards the expansive Moremi Wildlife Reserve. The main area beckons with delectable meals, a well-stocked bar, and a cosy lounge complemented by a small library. As the day winds down, gather around the campfire to exchange tales of the day’s adventures under the star-studded African sky.

Immersive game drives bring the Khwai region’s captivating wildlife to life, revealing its magic both by day and night under the expert guidance of seasoned trackers. For a deeper connection with the landscape, embrace one- to two-hour bush walks, led by experienced guides who unravel the subtleties of the environment. The allure of a Mokoro ride on the Khwai River adds another layer to your journey, allowing you to quietly glide through its winding channels. Engaging cultural excursions to nearby villages offer insights into local life, enhancing your understanding of the region’s people.

The intimate tents, nestled amidst nature’s splendour, promise comfort with cosy beds, private verandas, and en-suite bathrooms complete with showers and flush toilets. Practical amenities like charging stations and fans are readily available. Your tent grants vistas of a shimmering lagoon, frequently visited by a range of animals. For those visiting between April and November, a 30-minute helicopter flight from the camp provides an awe-inspiring aerial perspective.

Prepare for an exhilarating journey today as you take to the skies by helicopter, arriving at the captivating Linyanti Bush Camp in the pristine Linyanti region. Situated within a private reserve bordering Chobe National Park and Namibia, this authentic tented retreat serves as a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offering encounters with lions, cheetahs, hyenas, wild dogs, and the enigmatic leopards.


The Linyanti Game Reserve, a picturesque expanse to the northeast of Chobe, beckons you to explore its untouched natural beauty and partake in unforgettable safari experiences. Within its diverse landscapes, you’ll cross paths with elephants, buffaloes, a variety of antelope species, and the majestic presence of hippos and a symphony of birdlife. Among the royals of the wild, you’ll also find lions, cheetahs, and leopards. Enthralling game drives and walking safaris invite you to intimately connect with the wilderness, offering an authentic Botswana experience that’s far from ordinary.


Discover the essence of Botswana’s wilderness during your luxury stay at Linyanti Bush Camp. Nestled in the heart of the bush near the Linyanti swamps, this exclusive camp offers an authentic retreat into nature’s embrace. Your elegant 8×5 metre tented suite, adorned with en-suite facilities, welcomes you with modern comfort and a spacious wooden deck to relish sunset vistas.

The main area, a canvas tent raised on a platform, beckons with a dining space, reading corner, bar, and cosy lounge, where passing elephants and buffaloes may grace your view. Overlooking a nearby waterhole, the refreshment pool and boma provide moments of tranquillity.

Linyanti Bush Camp promises captivating experiences. Embark on exhilarating game drives that unveil the region’s wildlife diversity, from elephants and buffaloes to majestic predators like lions and elusive leopards. A Mokoro boat trip immerses you in the marshlands’ serene beauty, while walking safaris offer intimate encounters with the environment.

Evenings are adorned with spectacular sunsets on your private deck, followed by dinners infused with local flavours at the boma. As your journey comes to an end, depart with a profound connection to the untouched wilderness and the cherished memories of your Linyanti Bush Camp adventure.

Continuing your journey, you’ll move from Linyanti Bush Camp to a nearby airfield, where a small plane will take you over the untouched landscape to Maun Airport. From there, you’ll fly to Johannesburg, where a private vehicle will transfer you to The Peech Hotel, an elegant eco-friendly boutique hotel in the heart of the city. Centrally located in Melrose between Rosebank and Sandton, Johannesburg offers a vibrant blend of shopping, night-life, iconic sights like Sterkfontein Caves, and modern urban living. The Peech Hotel provides a serene escape amid the city’s hustle and bustle, making it an ideal base for your Johannesburg exploration and an exciting end to your journey.


Johannesburg, often referred to as the “City of Gold,” is a dynamic metropolis in South Africa that pulsates with a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. Nestled on the Highveld plateau, this thriving urban hub is the country’s largest city and economic powerhouse. Johannesburg’s skyline is dotted with skyscrapers, a testament to its economic significance, but it’s not just a concrete jungle; it’s a city of contrasts. Museums like the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill delve into South Africa’s complex past, while vibrant neighbourhoods like Maboneng and Newtown offer a thriving arts and culinary scene. The city’s lush green spaces, such as the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden and Emmarentia Dam, provide serene escapes from the bustling streets. Johannesburg is also a gateway to nearby attractions like the Cradle of Humankind, home to ancient hominid fossils. Whether exploring its history, savouring diverse cuisines, or enjoying its vibrant arts scene, Johannesburg offers a multifaceted experience that reflects South Africa’s diverse and dynamic spirit.


Experience a brief yet lavish retreat at The Peech Hotel, a refined 4-star boutique oasis nestled in the Melrose district. Situated near the Melrose Shopping Centre and only a 20-minute drive from the international airport, this elegant gem offers a serene escape from the city’s bustle. Upon arrival, immerse yourself in the lush surroundings of the hotel’s green complex, featuring a secluded swimming pool nestled within the garden, providing a peaceful oasis amid the bustling metropolis. Savour exquisite culinary delights at Bistro@The Peech restaurant, and delight in the exclusivity of the hotel’s 14 individually and stylishly furnished rooms and suites, each housed in separate units for ultimate privacy.

Your chosen retreat for the night, the Classic Garden Room, offers scenic views of the hotel’s lush garden from a private terrace or balcony. These elegantly designed accommodations feature modern amenities including air conditioning and complimentary Wi-Fi. The en-suite bathroom boasts a rain shower and a separate bath, complete with premium care products and plush bathrobes, ensuring an indulgent experience. Enjoy a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and nature during your one-night stay at The Peech Hotel, where tranquillity meets sophistication in the heart of Johannesburg.

Transitioning to the next captivating phase of their journey, travellers will be driven from Johannesburg to the airport, where they’ll board a flight to Vilanculos, Mozambique. Upon arrival, a representative from Travessia Lodge will meet them and facilitate a scenic car transfer to the lodge along the southern Mozambique coast, a journey spanning approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. As they approach the Indian Ocean’s coastline, the allure of Mozambique unfolds, offering over 2,700 kilometres of pristine beaches and the charming capital, Maputo. Beneath the sea level, a realm of exploration awaits – adventurers can immerse themselves in the vibrant underwater world of the Indian Ocean’s coral gardens, discovering a kaleidoscope of marine life.


The Mozambique Coast, stretching along the Indian Ocean’s azure shores for over 2,400 kilometres, is a mesmerizing tropical haven of natural beauty and cultural richness. Its pristine beaches, adorned with soft sands and crystal-clear waters, beckon sunseekers and water enthusiasts alike, offering opportunities for relaxation, snorkelling, and scuba diving amidst vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. Islands like the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos promise secluded paradises, while coastal towns reflect a captivating blend of African, Portuguese, and Arabic influences. Here, a rich tapestry of traditions, flavours, and adventures awaits, making the Mozambique Coast an enchanting destination where nature’s wonders meet vibrant culture and history.


Arrive at the captivating Travessia Beach Lodge, where your unique and luxurious beach holiday begins. Nestled amidst the dunes, each moment is accompanied by endless sea views and a sense of complete privacy. Fully solar-powered and tucked away from the crowds, the lodge offers a tranquil retreat easily accessible from Vilanculos. Delight in the main building’s pool terrace, bar, and restaurant, setting the stage for relaxation and seaside bliss.

Venture along the boundless beach, savouring the feeling of sand between your toes. Opt for a picturesque beachside picnic or take a refreshing swim in the inviting Indian Ocean waters. Discover the secret of the old baobab hidden within the Palm Sea, or engage with the local community by visiting the village preschool and the traditional bush bakery. For those seeking a splash of excitement, head out to sea for boogie boarding or kayaking, activities enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Alternatively, plunge into the vast underwater world on an ocean safari, a diving excursion, or snorkelling expedition, unveiling the colourful marine treasures beneath the surface.

Ease into the day with a soothing massage on your private terrace, embracing the calming ambiance of the surroundings. As the sun begins to set, relish a perfect moment on the beach with a delectable cocktail in hand, toes sinking into the sand. The lodge invites you to unwind, recharge, and immerse yourself in the tranquillity it offers.

Wake up to breathtaking ocean vistas from the elevated wooden decks of your double bedroom, perched atop the dunes. Feel the refreshing ocean breeze as you savour the surroundings from your bed or the hammock on your deck. The outdoor shower adds a touch of luxury to your experience, creating a harmonious blend of nature and comfort. The lodge’s genuine family-friendliness, secluded villas, and genuine relaxation ensure your stay is marked by authenticity and warmth. Throughout the day, enjoy impeccable service that ranges from morning coffee and pastries delivered to your room’s deck to savouring Mozambique’s renowned fresh and flavourful seafood, creating a symphony for your taste buds.


As your time at Travessia Beach Lodge draws to a close, cherish the memories of tranquil beaches, ocean adventures, and pure relaxation. Depart with a sense of renewal, as this seaside haven has provided the ideal setting to disconnect, rejuvenate, and embrace the true essence of coastal living.

Leaving the tranquil beach behind, today you’ll return to Vilanculos by car or boat transfer. From there, you’ll catch your flight back to your destination, bringing with you the cherished moments of your serene retreat.

Services Overview

  • Private car transfer from Maun Airport to Nxai Pan Camp
  • Three nights during the migration expedition in a luxury tent with fully-inclusive basis*
  • Private car transfer from Nxai Pan Camp to Maun Airport
  • Small plane transfer from Maun to Khwai Lediba Camp
  • Three nights at Khwai Lediba Camp in a luxury room with fully-inclusive basis
  • Helicopter transfer from Khwai to Linyanti to Linyanti Bush Camp
  • Three nights at Linyanti Bush Camp in a luxury tent with fully-inclusive basis
  • Small plane transfer from Khwai to Maun Airport
  • Private car transfer from Johannesburg Airport to The Peech Hotel
  • One night at The Peech Hotel in a Classic Garden Room with breakfast
  • Private car transfer from The Peech Hotel to Johannesburg Airport
  • Car transfer from Vilanculos airport to Travessia Beach Lodge
  • Four nights at Travessia Beach Lodge (double room, full board)
  • Welcome drink on arrival, filtered water in, complimentary use of boogie boards, kayaks, bicycles, beach games, guided bush and village walk and archery at Travessia Lodge
  • Car transfer from Travessia Beach Lodge to Vilanculos Airport
  • Non-motorized water sports activities, soft drinks, water, house wine, local beer, tea/coffee and selected house spirits, selected products from your minibar
  • Boat transfer from Anantara Bazaruto Resort to Vilanculos Airport
  • A guide of your choice
  • INTOSOL VIP services, e.g. spa pre-booking
  • Security certificate according to German travel law
  • Fully Inclusive: All meals, twice-daily scheduled camp activities, park fees, laundry service, and all local beverages, excluding imported premium brands and champagne.
  • All long- and short-haul international flights
  • Meals not listed
  • Personal expenses
  • Spa treatments

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