Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel

Nestled along Paternoster’s coastline, Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel offers a unique blend of luxury and seaside charm. With stylish accommodations, breathtaking views, and a commitment to guest satisfaction, it promises an unforgettable coastal retreat.

South Africa – Wanderlust Safari Adventure

Imagine yourself in the heart of the African wilderness, surrounded by the majestic Big 5 in their natural environment – elephants, lions, buffalos, rhinos, and leopards. Embark on an enchanting African journey, starting with the captivating wilderness and the majestic Big 5. Days 1-4 feature a blend of safari adventures and an exploration of the […]

Elephant Hide Lodge

Elephant Hide Lodge, located in the picturesque town of Knysna, boasts stunning views of the estuary and indigenous forests. With luxurious accommodations and a tranquil ambiance, the lodge provides a perfect sanctuary along the Garden Route. Guests can unwind in comfort and style, enveloped by the natural beauty that defines Elephant Hide Lodge.

Head over Hills

Perched on the cliffs of Knysna, Head over Hills offers a boutique experience with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean. This accommodation is characterized by its contemporary design and intimate setting, creating a serene coastal retreat. Guests can revel in the luxury of modern amenities while enjoying the panoramic beauty that surrounds Head over Hills.

Gondwana Game Reserve

Gondwana Game Reserve, set against the scenic backdrop of the Western Cape, offers a luxurious escape within a private game reserve. The lodge rooms combine opulent accommodations with the thrill of wildlife encounters, providing a harmonious balance of comfort and adventure. Surrounded by the beauty of the reserve, Gondwana Game Reserve ensures an exclusive and […]

Kanonkop House

Kanonkop House, situated in the charming town of Knysna, stands as an elegant sanctuary with breathtaking views of the estuary. This boutique guesthouse blends luxury with personalized service, offering guests an intimate and sophisticated retreat along the Garden Route. The combination of stunning vistas and attentive hospitality makes Kanonkop House a unique and memorable accommodation.